Chapter One: Run!


I slammed the screen door open to swing a hook at Garrett Patnode’s face, but he ducked and went for the legs, and had me pinned.



His fist hit my skull which hit the wooden porch: again, and again, and again.

This would have been any old fight, except Cole Talton videotaped the entire scene from the front yard bushes, and ran up West Leivester Street to share this content with the web.

By web I mean my entire high school. My life in this dump of a public school just got way more public.

Chapter Two: Jump!



The door to my room crashed open, revealing a wide eyed Price looking madder than heck, and I ran.

The last thing I saw before the lights went out was my hands on the railing of the balcony.

It was a perfect flip.

Any other landing would have snapped my neck.

Tracy said it sounded like a crack of lightning.

The date was September Eleventh, 2013.

LSD is one heck of a chemical.

So is Hydrocodone, which I was prescribed for my multiple concussions and my pelvis which was fractured in no less than five places, but my mother Kate Obenshain decided that not only was she going to get me to reveal my source who sold me the acid in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, but she was going to withhold my pain medication in order to get me to talk.


I hope this book sells a million copies. This will be her karma: the truth as I tell it, and Lord knows for years she has done everything in her power to prevent me from talking. This is ironic, Ma. Carrot Top. I dedicate this book to Carrot Top because he sold me that acid in a Wendy’s parking lot and the pain that I felt during those months laying in a bed, taken care of by my mother finally showed me that I hear voices in my head. I will continue to take whatever psychiatric and herbal drugs to tune your voice out, until the day I die and rebirth.

Chapter Three: Megan Gaynor’s First Kiss


Dear Megan.


You showed me that if it doesn’t take a kick in the nuts from Alexis Tilling to scare you away, then all it will really take was a kiss.